1-Day Wisdom Retreat - Kadampa Meditation Centre Victoria

One-Day Wisdom Retreat

Meditations on Ultimate Truth Emptiness

DAY:  Sunday, August 11

TIME:  9.30 am -2.30pm

TEACHER:  Julia Anderson

COST:  $25 per class / $12.50 for members with advance registration

WHERE:  970 Blanshard Street, Victoria

IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE: No registration necessary

We open our doors 15 minutes before the event starts (9:45am for classes).  Please arrive a few minutes before class starts and pay at the door (cash, credit card, or cheque) .

Advance Registration and Online Attendance available for members only.  Registration information emailed to members separately.


This retreat is focused on two things:

  • averting and overcoming the obstacles we experience along our path to the ultimate happiness of liberation and enlightenment
  • improving the quality of our meditations on emptiness

In each session, there will be a short teaching, the recitation of the sadhana “The Great Mother” and a meditation.

The Great Mother is Buddha Prajnaparamita who is the manifestation of the Perfection of Wisdom. The word “prajna” means wisdom and “paramita” means perfection. She is called “The Great Mother” because all Buddhas are born from this wisdom which is associated with deep compassion for all living beings.

The sadhana includes a recitation of the actual Essence of Wisdom Sutra (also known as the Heart Sutra) and specific requests to overcome hindrances. The teachings will be tied directly to the Heart Sutra. The meditations will include guided contemplations with time for focused concentration. 


Session 1, 9.30-10.45am:  The Profundity of the Ultimate
(Form is Empty)

Coffee/Tea Break

Session 2, 11.10am-12.15pm:   Profundity of the Conventional
(Emptiness is Form)

Lunch Break

Session 3, 1.30-2.30 pm: Refining the Object of Negation
Brief overview of the other profundities and a special meditation that enables us to focus on inherent existence.


Julia Anderson is a long time member of our Teacher Training Program. She regularly teaches our Introduction to Meditation day course and begining in September 2024, she will be teaching our Foundation Program in Sidney. Her favorite topic is emptiness! Julia’s teaching, leadership and consulting skills experience enhance the clarity and effectiveness of her teaching.

Limitless Mind - Three Part Series on Emptiness

Prior to this retreat, Julia will be teaching a series of 3 classes on Emptiness, on Sunday mornings (July 21, July 28 and Aug 4). These classes are a good preparation for the retreat, but are not required.


Q. Do I need to be a Buddhist to attend?

No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind.

Q. Do I need to have any experience?

No. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. All you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your life.

Q. How should I dress?

No special clothing is required, come as you are.

Q. Is there any physical exercise involved?

No. The classes focus on meditation and teachings alone. You can choose to sit on a chair or meditation cushion.

Q. Do I need to book in advance?

No, it is not necessary to book in advance. 


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