How to Submit a Video - Kadampa Meditation Centre Victoria

Follow a few easy steps to record and send your video:

1. Think about what Bodhichitta Centre means to you.  Focus on some points you would like to speak about.

2. Turn your phone camera or other device on selfie mode and talk to the camera for 1 to 2 minutes.

3. If you feel you need to adjust things, do a second take.  Please don’t worry about perfection!

4. Choose a way to send the video to us:

    • Easy – If you are able to attach big files you can email it directly to
    • Best – If you have any cloud storage (Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, Apple iCloud, etc)  just upload the video to that and send the link to that same email.
    • Also Good – Or upload it to our Cloud Drive on Box and then email us so we know you have done that and have your name.  You will have to set up a Box account to do this. Select “New” and then “Upload”