Cedar Hill Rec Centre - Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Centre


Meditation Class

In-Person  – Registration Required


PLEASE REGISTER EARLY to avoid disappointment.  Course enrollment is limited due to social distancing requirements.

DAY:  Tuesday Noon 

TIME:  12.00-1.00pm

TEACHER:  Gen Kelsang Zopa

WHERE:  3220 Cedar Hill Road

Suitable for everyone!  These classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and Buddhist teachings.


Call:  Cedar Hill Rec Centre

Dates & Course Number:

37575 Sep 22 – Oct 27,  6 sessions, $57
Nov 3 – Dec 15,  7 sessions

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How to Transform Your Life

In our busy lives we often don’t see the connection between our state of mind and our daily experiences.  When our mind is disturbed or agitated we easily experience problems, stress and difficulties.

 Learn step-by-step meditations for solving daily problems and discover the methods through which we can bring about positive changes in our lives that will enable us to experience deep and lasting happiness.



SEP 22, 29, OCT 6, 13, 20, 27 

  •  Where does happiness come from?
  • What is meditation?
  • The nature and function of our mind
  • How delusions disturb our mind 
  • Why we get angry
  • Letting go of anger & resentment


NOV 3, 10, 17, 25, DEC 1, 8, 15

  • Where do feelings come from?
  • Understanding karma
  • Virtuous and non-virtuous actions
  • Purifying your negative karma
  • Creating the future you want
  • Practicing conscientiousness
  • Learning to accept adversity

Guided Meditation

Each class begins with guided breathing meditation, to help settle the mind and let go of distractions. If we wish, we can join in and recite the Liberating Prayer, which is a chanted prayer where we connect with the inspiration of enlightened beings.


The teacher will then give a practical teaching  based on the book, How To Transform Your Life, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. The teaching will focus on how we can integrate Buddha’s timeless wisdom into our busy daily lives.

Concluding Meditation

The class will finish with a concluding meditation to help us take the teaching to heart and there is also the opportunity to ask questions.

  Gen Kelsang Zopa

A Canadian Buddhist monk, Gen Zopa has been presenting the profound and practical teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment for over 20 years. Renowned for the clarity and depth of his teachings, his warmth and practicality bring to life the ancient art of meditation.

Q. What are the restrictions/rules/changes in light of Covid?

These classes are being operated by Cedar Hill Rec Centre.  You can read their complete Covid-19 Safety Plan at this link.


  1. You should plan to arrive a little early to allow for safe-distancing during the transit to the classroom.
  2. Do not come if you have traveled or been around someone who has travelled in the last 14 days or if you have a temperature, sore throat or a cough.  If you are unwell and unsure, please use the BC Covd-19 Self-Assessment tool at : https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en
  3. Watch for signage and instructions from staff.
Q. Do I need to be a Buddhist to attend?
No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind.
Q. Do I need to have any experience?
No. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. All you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your life.
Q. How should I dress?
No special clothing is required, come as you are.
Q. Is there any physical exercise involved?
No. The classes focus on meditation and teachings alone. You can choose to sit on a chair or meditation cushion.
Q. Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, please book in advance by contacting Cedar Hill Recreation Centre using the registration information on this page.

Q. Do I have to wait for the next series of classes to begin?

It may be possible to join a course that has already begun.  Please contact Cedar Hill Recreation Centre using the Registration information on this page.