Membership - Kadampa Meditation Centre Victoria


Monthly Payment Program

Unlimited Access and Discounts


The KMC Victoria CENTRE CARD or GP MEMBERSHIP is a monthly payment program that makes it easier for you to attend classes, courses and retreats at the Centre in 3 ways:

      1. Most Drop in Class are included without addidtional cost – just show up
      2. Membership is the ONLY way to access classes via streaming
      3. Discounts on retreats, day courses and empowerments at the Centre

You will find that enrolment provides many opportunities to deepen your meditation practice and find lasting solutions to the challenges of daily life.

There are 2 variations:  the regular program for those who live within a one hours radius of the Centre and a discounted variation for those who live further away.  If you qualify for the Distant Program, please scroll down.

MONTHLY COST - Std Program

  • $60 per month, 12 months per year.  The minimum initial commitment is three months.
  • 2 adults from the same family can enrol for $100/month for both persons, a further 16% saving!
  • Membership is renewed each month, but you may cancel at any time.


We ask that you enroll online.  There are 3 methods of payment to choose from: 

  • in advance (for 3 months) by credit card
  • in advance (for 3 months) by Interac
  • month-to-month by credit card or debit card.  (Cheques are not feasible at this time, may be re-implemented in the fall).

Decide when you want your membership to begin.

    • Please allow at least 3 days from your application time to your first class.
    • There is one exception:  If you choose in advance by credit card you will immediately be able to attend any online class.

NEW in 2023- Distant Memberships

Designed for those who live too far away to attend in-person regularly, this new membership type includes only the live-streaming of Sunday, Monday and half day courses PLUS the option of of in-person or livestreaming for the guided retreats, half day courses and full day courses identified above as being availabe livestreaming.



    The KMC Victoria CENTRE CARD is the most economical way to enjoy our classes, courses and events.  If you attend classes regularly, your membership will represent substantial saving over paying for individual classes.

    For a monthly fee of $60 the CENTRE CARD benefits include member pricing for events and classes as follows:



    • Unlimited Drop-in Classes (regular $15 ea.) at KMC Victoria, Sidney SHOAL Centre, Brentwood Bay and Fairfield.
    • Unlimited Standard Half-Day Courses (regular $20 ea.) at KMC Victoria.
    • Free Livestreaming  –  of Sunday morning and Monday evening classes and standard Half-Day Courses.  (Not available without membership.)
    • Unlimited One-Day (unguided) Retreats (regular $10 ea.) at KMC Victoria.


    • 50% discount (regular $25 or $30) on Guided Retreats with Gen Zopa (3 hours) paid in advance.
    • 50% discount (regular $25) on Half Day courses with Gen Zopa, paid in advance.
    • 50% discount (regular $40) on Day Courses with Gen Zopa or Guest Teacher at KMC Victoria.
    • 50% discount (regular $30) on standard Day Courses at KMC Victoria paid in advance.
    • All memberships will include a livestreaming option for the above 4 event types with advance registration and payment.    (Not available without membership.)
    • 50% discount (regular $60) Weekend Retreats at KMC Victoria paid in advance.
    • 50% discount (regular $20) Guided Day Retreats at KMC Victoria.
    • 50% discount (regular $50) Empowerments paid in advance.

    What is NOT included?
    There are no special discounts on off-site events, including away weekend retreats, classes at Esquimalt Rec Centre, Cedar Hill Rec Centre, the University of Victoria, Black Creek Community Centre and Public Talks.

    Questions?  Email or call 250-592-7164 ext.2


    Q. Is Centre Card enrolment only online?

    Yes, enrolment is only online.   You may contact our Education Program Coordinator or Administrator at the Centre phone number or email below if you have questions.

    Q. When does my Centre Card start?

    Please allow 3 days for your membership to be “registered at the door” for in-person classes and to receive the instructions for online class registration.  

    Q. Will I receive a physical card?

    An actual card is not necessary.  Your name will be recorded on a list of Centre Card members. 

    Q. Can I share my Centre Card?

    No. Centre Card benefits apply to one adult member only and are not transferable.

    Q. How do I check in when I attend a class?

    When you attend the Centre, please check in at Reception and we will make sure you are on our list of Centre Card Members.

    For Online Registration – just select the Member Pricing, which for all 1 hour classes and 1/2 day courses will be free.

    Q. Does the Centre Card include events at other locations?

    Only at 2 locations: Sidney SHOAL Centre class on Monday mornings and Brentwood Bay on Friday mornings.  It does not include off-site weekend retreats, public talks or classes at Esquimalt Rec Centre, Cedar Hill Rec Centre,  Cook Street Village Activity Centre, Black Creek Community Centre and the University of Victoria.

    Q. Is there replay available for the livestreamed events?

    There is no replay available – you must watch at the time of the live event.

    Having a Centre Card is the most economical way to enjoy our classes, courses and events and the only way to take advantage of live streaming.