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Developing Your Buddhist Meditation Practice

Part of the Your Meditation Practice Series

Do you understand the benefits of meditation but are not sure how best to develop a consistent, meaningful daily practice?  

Buddhist teachings help us to understand and gradually transform our mind from an uncontrolled state to a state that can remain peaceful in any situation.  With such a calm and balanced mind, we can think more clearly and benefit others. However, to make this transformation, we need to take the teachings deep into our heart.  Developing a daily meditation practice will help us do that.

This half day course will offer practical instructions for how to create a meaningful, sustainable daily Buddhist meditation practice.  How wonderful!

This course will have 3 sessions.   Session 1 is an hour and  includes a mediation. Sessions 2 and 3 are each about 45 minutes. Session 2 will focus on Prayers for Meditation as a guide to the Preliminary Practices.  Session 3 will include the actual Prayers for Meditation and a lam rim meditation. All sessions will be available from 8am on Wed, March 24th through 8 pm on Sat, March 27th.

Session 1 – Going Deeper into the Meditation Process
Session 2 – The Preliminary Practices and the Meditations of the Path
Session 3 – A Meditation Session using Prayers for Meditation.

No Experience Necessary.

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Registration will remain open until noon on Saturday, March 27 as there will still be time to enjoy all 3 sessions.

The teacher suggests the purchase of the New Meditation Handbook and/or the Mirror of Dharma to use as reference for this class and your ongoing practice.
We have some limited stock at our Centre and can offer “pick-up” service from the door or curb if you write us at  or you can order from Tharpa Canada as an ebook or have the book mailed to you.  Here are the links to each at Tharpa:
Mirror of Dharma with Additions
New Meditation Handbook

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Mar 24 2021


All Day


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  • Mariem Martinson
    Mariem Martinson

    Mariem is a member of our Teacher Training Program, leads noon meditation on Wednesdays, and coordinates the Centre’s chanted meditation prayers. She brings many years of study, meditation experience and practice to her classes.