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Learning to Cherish Others

Part of the Transforming Family Relationships Series

In this series, experienced Bodhichitta teachers will give us practical advice on how to apply Buddha’s teachings to everyday family life.

In this class, the fourth of the series, Olivera will help us understand how to move beyond our knee-jerk negative reactions to a place of cherishing our family members.

Where do our conflicts, problems and suffering of this world come from?  It’s impossible to find a single problem, misfortune or painful experience that does not arise from self-cherishing.  Buddha tells us we can  learn to cherish others and when we do our problems with family members and friends will vanish.  Through applying Buddhist teachings in our everyday lives, we can create an inner peace that touches others around us.

With the intention to attain
The ultimate, supreme goal
That surpasses even the wish-granting jewel,
May I constantly cherish all living beings.
    ~Geshe Langri Tangpa, 12th century

No Experience Necessary.

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Registration will remain open up until noon on Saturday, March 13 as there is still plenty of time to attend the class, which is available on demand from Weds am to Sat evening.

(Members, please use your Members Link page, this registration form is only for those who pay by the class. Thank you.)

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Mar 10 2021


$10 (Free for Members)




  • Olivera Brkic
    Olivera Brkic

    Olivera is a member of the Foundation Program and regularly guides our noon meditations. She is a long term practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism and has given countless hours of volunteer service to the Centre. Olivera is known for her enthusiasm for Dharma and her sincerity as a teacher.