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Transforming our Physical Pain

Part of the Transforming Pain into Power series

In this series, we will explore our response to trauma, pain and the suffering we see inside of us and others.  Discover how to turn our usually negative reactions to pain and problems into the power to grow spiritually and create a deeply positive effect on our world.

In this class, Tsalden will focus on our own Physical Pain

Are you suffering from unwanted physical pain or loss of health?  Are you trying to make sense of what you are experiencing?  During this class we will explore how to gently and skillfully apply Buddhist wisdom and meditation to our painful experiences of physical ageing, illness or injury.  In this way we can learn how to remain peaceful and happy despite (or because of) such suffering.

No Experience Necessary.
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Registration will remain open until 8pm on Saturday, Oct 10 as there is still time to watch the entire first class.

This class will be delivered ON DEMAND, available from the morning of Wednesday, Oct 7 to midnight on Saturday, October 10.

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Please join us if you reside on Vancouver Island or any of the surrounding islands.*

*Please check here for a Centre in your area if you do not reside or are not present on Vancouver Island or surrounding islands.


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Oct 07 2020


$10 (Free for Members)




  • Kelsang Tsalden
    Kelsang Tsalden

    Kelsang Tsalden is an ordained Buddhist nun and a teacher of Kadampa Buddhism at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre. Having experienced very rapid disc degeneration, in less than one year she went from healthy to wheelchair. Buddhist teachings and meditation have provided her a peaceful and happy life and the ability to comfort and support others who are experiencing suffering in their lives.