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What is Love?

Part of the Transforming Family Relationships Series

In this series, experienced Bodhichitta teachers will give us practical advice on how to apply Buddha’s teachings to everyday family life.

In this class, the first of the series, Krista will help us understand love in a way that lets us let go of our expectations.

We all long for loving and harmonious relationships with those around us. However, sometimes we find our relationships to be dissatisfying, difficult and never living up to our expectations. With Buddha’s wisdom we can learn to create loving relationships with our partners, families and friends by seeing thing differently. When we learn to look at our discontent differently we open up the door to happiness.

No Experience Necessary.
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Registration will remain open up until noon on Saturday, Feb 20 as there is still plenty of time to attend the class, which is available on demand from Weds am to Sat evening.

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Feb 17 2021


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  • Krista Schlosser
    Krista Schlosser

    Krista is a member of the Teacher Training Program and has led the guided meditation on Tuesdays for many years. Under normal conditions, she frequently teaches our Saturday classes and has a regular Tuesday afternoon class. Krista is well known for her kind and gentle delivery of Dharma teachings.