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Community Prayers

Purify negativity and increase
your good fortune

COMMUNITY PRAYERS  are an important component of training in a spiritual life.  They help us to connect with enlightened beings, accumulate merit, purify negativity and receive blessings.  Below are some of the prayers that we practice together at Kadampa Meditation Centre Victoria

All prayers are held at KMC VICTORIA and are free of charge.  Everyone is welcome.

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Rae Supeene


1 Sunday per month

Sunday, July 7 | 11.30 am

Sunday, Aug 18 | 11.30 am

Check calendar to confirm.

By learning to cherish others we can experience greater peace of mind and help to establish world peace in general. Through contemplating these prayers compiled by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, from traditional sources, we learn to cherish others. If everyone sincerely prays to be able to cherish others, then gradually through the power of this prayer, everyone will actually cherish each other. The world will then be permanently at peace, and pure and everlasting happiness will pervade the entire world.

Rae Supeene


Sunday Mornings, 1 or more per month

Sunday, July 21 | 11.45 am

Check calendar to confirm.
Use the button below to request a dedication at our next Powa. It will be read aloud.

Once a month (or more)  the Center engages in a lovely ritual practice on behalf of those who have recently deceased.  Through doing Powa Ceremony with faith, compassion, and concentration we can transfer the consciousness of those recently deceased to a higher rebirth or to the Pure Land of a Buddha.  Food (vegetarian) and flower offerings (tending toward white) are welcome.  (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Please note: If you would like to request a dedicated Powa Ceremony for someone you know who has recently died, please contact our EPC at:   We will try our best to accommodate your request.

Dorje Shugdan


Saturday, June 29 | 10.00 am

Monday, July 29 | 5.30 pm

Check calendar to confirm.

This practice is the heart essence of Kadampa Buddhism.  In the first part we visualize our Spiritual Guide as Je Tsongkhapa and make prayers and requests to purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings.  This prepares our mind for a brief meditation on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.  After the meditation we make prayers to our Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden.  Through this we can overcome obstacles to our practice and create favorable conditions so that we can nurture and increase our pure Dharma realizations.

Dorje Shugdan



Thursday, Aug. 29 | 9.00 am – 12:45pm

Check calendar to confirm.

Everyone is welcome to attend Melodius Drum Victorious in all Directions chanted prayers, also called Long Protector Puja, where we make special offerings and requests to the Dharma Projector, Dorje Shugden. Dorje Shugden always helps, guides, and protects pure and faithful practitioners by granting blessings, increasing their wisdom, fulfilling their positive wishes, and bestowing success on all their virtuous activities.

This extensive sadhana—ritual prayers for spiritual attainments—is called “Kangso” in Tibetan, which means “Fulfilling and Restoring Ritual.” Usually performed once a month in Dharma Centers, it is used for fulfilling our heart commitment to practice Lamrim, Lojong, and Mahamudra and to rely on the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, regarding him as inseparable from our Spiritual Guide and Buddha, and for restoring any degenerate or broken commitments we may have incurred. Also included are Praise to Manjushri, the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa, self-generation as Heruka, and the ritual for fulfilling and restoring our commitments with other Dharma Protectors.

You are welcome to bring a vegetarian, ready-to-eat food offering to Long Protector Puja, but this is not required to come and enjoy these very blessed prayers. These prayers are typically scheduled on the 29th of every month.

Green Tara Close up


8th of the Month

Monday, July 8 | 4.30 pm

Thursday, Aug 8 | 4.30 pm

Held on the 8th of the month.  Check calendar  to confirm.

At Kadampa Centers worldwide, the eighth of the month is Tara Day.  Tara is a female Buddha, whose name means “Rescuer”.  She is a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas.  If we rely upon Tara sincerely and with strong faith, she will protect us from all obstacles and fulfill all our wishes.  

Everyone is welcome and invited to join us for Tara’s chanted prayer practice, Liberation from Sorrow.  (1 hour)

Green Tara Close up


10th and 25th of the month

Monday, June 10 | 6.00 pm

Tuesday, June 25 | 10.00 am

Held on the 10th and 25th of the month in-person (except Dec 25)  Check calendar to confirm.

This is a special Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa in conjunction with Highest Yoga Tantra that is a preliminary practice for Vajrayana Mahamudra.  The main practice is relying upon our Spiritual Guide as a Buddha and making praises and requests, but it also includes all the essential practices of the stages of the path and training the mind, as well as both the generation stage and completion stage of Highest Yoga Tantra.

By relying upon Je Tsongkhapa our compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power naturally increase.  This practice includes a tsog offering so you can bring a vegetarian food offering with you if you wish.  (2 hours)

Green Tara Close up


Tuesdays | 5:30 pm   June 18 only

Thursdays | 4.30pm   Not Offered June 13

Check calendar to confirm.

A special Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa combined with the condensed sadhana of his Dharma Protector and a short meditation on Lamrim.  This puja includes two practices revealed by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri.  The first is a special Guru yoga in which we visualize our Spiritual Guide as Je Tsongkhapa, who himself is a manifestation of Manjushri.

By relying upon this practice, we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings.  In this way, we will naturally accomplish all the realizations of the stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra, and in particular we will attain a very special Dharma wisdom.

Includes one of the Lam Rim Meditation taken from The New Meditation Handbook. (1 hour)

Buddha Vajrasattva


1 Sunday a month  Not Offered in August

Sun, July 14 | 11.45 am

Check calendar to confirm.

The Meditation and Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva practice is an excellent way to purify our negative karma.  Any living being, even a worm or an insect, can commit negative actions; but only humans have the fortune to be able to purify them.  Since purification is the root of future happiness and spiritual realizations, we should strive to cleanse our mind of delusions and negative karma by practicing the meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva.