Printable Calendar - Kadampa Meditation Centre Victoria


If you can’t see the interactive calendar, please let us know by emailing and indicate your device and operating system.  

You can download and print the Feb  and Mar 2023 calendar as of Feb 20) from this link.

Use the tabs to change from Week View to Month View or Agenda View.
Use the arrows next to the TODAY button to scroll forward or back in time.

Use the little arrow on the far right of the top bar to see the event categories and their colours.
You can also choose to eliminate categories you are not interested in.
The key categories are:

  • Bodhichitta Centre (the description will tell you if the class is online, in-person or hybrid (both))
  • Chanted Prayers (mostly in person at the Centre but some are online)
  • Other Locations (Branches) – all are in-person
  • Regional and National Events
  • Observed Holidays



Upcoming International Festivals 

Brochure of International and National Festivals of the NKT