Teachers - Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Centre


Gen Kelsang Zopa


A Canadian Buddhist monk, Gen Zopa has been presenting the profound and practical teachings of the Buddhist path for over 25 years. He teaches introductory classes, Foundation Program and the Teacher Training Program in the Victoria region. Renowned for the clarity and depth of his teachings, his warmth and practicality bring to life the ancient art of meditation.

Gen Kelsang Zopa teaching a meditation class at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre.

Debbi Jones

Debbi is a member of the Teacher Training Program and an experienced teacher of Dharma.  She  is currently the branch teacher for Sidney SHOAL Centre on Monday evenings.  As well she teaches some of the Saturday classes. Debbi enjoys sharing how practical and helpful Dharma is in our everyday lives.

Sachi Tamura

Sachi is a member of the Teacher Training Program and presently teaches weekly classes at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre on Wednesday evening and Friday noon and at the Centre.  Sachi’s background includes experience in human services, community music, and death midwifery.

Julia Anderson

Julia is our Education Program Coordinator and a member of the Teacher Training Program.  She teaches our Introduction to Meditation day course and other day courses.  Her consulting, leadership and counseling experience enhances the clarity and effectiveness of her teaching.

Gail Hill

 Gail is a member of Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre and a student in the international Special Teacher Training Program. She presently teaches classes at Bowen Park Recreation Complex in Nanaimo on Saturdays. Gail brings many years of practice and experience to her teaching.

Nan Keller

Nan is a member of our Teacher Training Program.  She is regularly teaches in our Saturday program. She has been active in the Kadampa community for many years and has taught regular weekly classes and led noon meditation.

Mariem Martinson

Mariem is a member of our Teacher Training Program, leads noon meditation on Wednesdays and coordinates the Centre’s chanted meditation prayers.  She brings many years of meditation experience and practice to her classes.

Krista Schlosser

Krista is a member of the Teacher Training Program and has lead the guided meditation on Tuesdays for many years.  She frequently teaches our Saturday classes and has a regular Tuesday afternoon class.  Krista is well known for her kind and gentle delivery of Dharma teachings.

Kelsang Tsalden, Buddhist Nun in her wheelchair

Kelsang Tsalden

Kelsang Tsalden is an ordained Buddhist nun and a meditation Teacher at Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Centre.  Her practical and heartfelt teachings draw from a wealth of life experiences as a nurse, mother, and professional consultant.

Olivera Brkic

Olivera is a member of the Foundation Program and regularly guides our noon meditations.  She is a long term practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism and has given countless hours of volunteer service to the Centre. Olivera is known for her enthusiasm for Dharma and her sincerity as a teacher.