Purify Your Karma Retreat | Bodhichitta Kadampa Buddhist Centre


One-Day Retreat


DAY:  Sunday Sep 30

TIME:  10:00am-2:30pm

TEACHER:  Mariem Martinson

COST:  $20 / Members $10

WHERE:  970 Blanshard Street, Victoria

REGISTRATION:   You may register in advance or pay at the door. Payment in advance guarantees you a place and speeds up the process at the door.  Payment in advance is available until noon on Sep 29.

Information for Beginners
Buddha taught that our thoughts and actions leave imprints that remain on our mind and that these imprints are the principal causes for our experiences.  Through purifying our negativity our mind will gradually become happier and happier, our good qualities will increase, and all our mental and physical problems will gradually disappear.

During this retreat we learn to engage in simple purification by using the Solitary Vajrasattva sadhana combined with meditation on the four opponent powers.  When practiced sincerely, these methods remove both the causes of our future suffering and obstacles to our spiritual practice.

10:00 – 11:00am :  Introduction and Session 1

11:00 -11:15am:  Tea Break

11.15am-12.15pm:  Session 2

12:15-1:30pm:  Lunch Break

1:30-2:30pm:  Session 3


  Mariem Martinson 

Mariem is a member of the Teacher Training Program, leads noon meditation on Wednesdays and coordinates the Centre’s chanted meditation prayers. Mariem will be leading the Purification Retreat sessions this fall, as well as teaching on Saturdays.   She brings many years of meditation experience and practice to her classes.

Q. Do I need to be a Buddhist to attend?
No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind.
Q. Do I need to have any experience?
No. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. All you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your life.
Q. How should I dress?
No special clothing is required, come as you are.
Q. Is there any physical exercise involved?
No. The classes focus on meditation and teachings alone. You can choose to sit on a chair or meditation cushion.
Q. Do I need to book in advance?
No, but if you plan to attend the three prior classes PLUS the retreat, you will receive a discount if you book in advance.

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